Doxa Sub 300 Searambler Silver Lung Diver
时间:2018-07-28 4:07

The sequel to Doxa’s 2017 Black Lung watch, the quickest selling Doxa watch ever, is a worthy homage to a vintage Doxa Sub from 1967. Continuing the 50th anniversary celebration of Doxa watches, Doxa and Aqua Lung have teamed up to give timepiece collectors the pristine Doxa Sub 300 Searambler Silver Lung.

This limited edition watch has a beautifully brushed silver dial with warm orange accents, is made from a solid block of stainless steel and finished with a domed bubble sapphire crystal. Also, it has Doxa’s signature stainless steel ‘beads of rice’ bracelet that attenuates to an integrated wetsuit extension. Powered by a chronometer grade ETA 282402 automatic caliber and featuring the patented Doxa integrated ‘no deco’ scale in orange, following the U.S. Navy’s maximum no-decompression limits, this dive watch is equal parts stunning and practical. Limited to only 300 examples, this timepiece will ship in August and is available for preorder right this second.

Purchase: $2,200

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