40 Subaru Tattoo Ideas For Men – Automotive Designs
时间:2018-07-27 18:32

Its origins founded in an aircraft research laboratory, the Subaru as we know it today is a far cry from it’s earliest incarnation.

With vintage slogans such as “Inexpensive, and built to stay that way” and “Uncommon Engineering, Uncommon Stability, Uncommon Roadholding, Uncommon Sense,” the Subaru has since become rock steady favorite around the world, and a more than worthy tattoo choice.

The Subaru tattoo speaks of the soul who likes to have fun on the open road. He believes in top-notch performance and quality for sure, but isn’t afraid to test the Japanese car’s durability. More than just an outdoor vehicle, the Subaru was designed for those who move freely through city, suburbia, and wild terrain alike, and demand a vehicle that will see them through each phase with seamless reliability. Such a tattoo sends a similar message about the man who dons it–that he too is as reliable as he is adventurous, and easily able to travel with neither border nor boundary to hinder him.

Our cars carry precious cargo each day that is to say, ourselves and those we care about. The world needs more people and machines in which we can place our trust, and your Subaru tattoo reveals both sentiments in spades. Regardless of the model or style you choose, your tattoo artist will surely know that they are in the presence of a thoroughly modern man and capable kindred spirit.

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