50 Lava Lamp Tattoo Ideas For Men – Groovy Designs
时间:2018-07-27 17:38

The lava lamp is arguably one of the grooviest creations of the 20th century, and ongoing proof that weird often makes the best decor.

Whether you owned a lava lamp in your youth or find yourself a newfound fan, there’s no denying the impossible allure of those glowing, colorful blobs of wax.

And if the real thing is so captivating, who’s to say a lava lamp tattoo won’t leave a similarly spellbinding impression?

The many colors of the astro lamp were no doubt intended to evoke a psychedelic sensation, and while your lava lamp tattoo may not hold such sway, it will no doubt delight any who look upon it. The lava lamp is all about fun over function, and the fact that it does in fact illuminate a space only speaks of its funky genius. The invention of a British accountant named Edward Craven-Walker, the lava lamp is proof of man’s never ending penchant for the strange and fantastic. A universal symbol of the 60’s and 70’s, the lava lamp is as seeped in nostalgia as it is ripe for a modern revival.

The lava lamp tattoo wearer is a man who may not be a flower child of the 60’s or product of the swinging 70’s, but nonetheless embodies those qualities with glee. He’s no stick in the mud, and anyone who keeps company with him is in for a beatific time.

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