A ‘smashing’ multi-tool!
时间:2018-07-11 17:29

Ten tools come together to occupy the space one tool would take. Kikkerland’s Hammer Multi-tool turns your regular claw-hammer and put an additional nine tools into it, making it even more useful than you’d initially hoped. Fitted right inside the hammer’s wooden handle are a flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, file, knife blade, phillips head screwdriver and a handle that on pulling open, turns the hammer into a plier/wire-cutter!

With its light-colored wooden handle, the hammer looks and feels great to hold. Unlike most hammers, the Kikkerland Hammer Multi-Tool uses the mass of the handle to store as many different, versatile tools as possible… and the part where it transforms into a plier/wire-cutter? Sheer genius!

Designer: Kikkerland

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