DeWalt ExoCore Carbon Fiber Tool Collection
时间:2018-04-17 4:55

As most handymen could tell you, DeWalt is a giant when it comes to tool manufacturers. You might be surprised, however, to find out there are still parts of the market they have yet to corner. For instance, they’ve just unveiled their first-ever sledge hammers and axes in their ExoCore tool collection.

These are not your average smashing & hacking tools, however. The entire ExoCore line is built with carbon fiber composite handles – offering a unique combination of excellent durability, long-term impact protection, and light weight. The hammers are available in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-pound versions. And the axes come in 3 styles: 12″ and 20 ounces, 32″ 3.5-pound single bit, and a 32″ 4.5-pound log splitter. These impressive demolition tools are on sale now for between $30 to $55 dollars.

Purchase: $30+

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