Bictools Turn Your Empty Pens into Handy ToolsBictools Turn Your Empty Pens into Handy Tools
时间:2018-01-18 9:10

Bictools Turn Your Empty Pens into Handy Tools

By Jacob Osborn in Living on January 14, 2018

When is a pen so much more than a pen? When Bictools gets involved, of course. The inventive toolkit repurposes empty Bic pens into precision tools you can use around the home or office. It’s all brought to us by Spanish designer Juan Carlos Fanes, who gave Bic pens a coat of metallic paint and then implemented some hand-built plastic attachments. Originally conceived for International Design Week in Milan, Fanes is now hoping the sell the attachments directly to consumers, or at the very least sell the plans so that consumers can print the attachments using a 3D printer.

Among the tools currently offered in the set are a compass, a ruler, a precision blade, a folder and a calligraphy tool. It’s certainly a terrific way to breathe new life into a product otherwise presumed dead. Meanwhile, the tools are visually quite satisfying, especially when the pens are painted over. Naturally, the tools will work just as well without their metallic coat–they just might not look as pretty.

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