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时间:2018-08-03 13:22

Luxury clothes brand Tommy Hilfiger has released a range of "smart clothing", containing inbuilt Bluetooth chips that allow the item&aposs movements to be tracked and users to be rewarded for wearing them.

The Tommy Jeans Xplore smart clothing line includes men&aposs and women&aposs hoodies, jeans, T-shirts and bum bags, with Bluetooth chips embedded in the fabric of each garment.

According to the brand, the intention of the range is to create a "micro-community of brand ambassadors", who are rewarded for wearing the garments.

The items of clothing contain Bluetooth chips so they can be tracked on an app

Users can connect the items of clothing, via Bluetooth, to a free downloadable app, which is available for iPhone and iOS devices.

"It&aposs game on with the new Tommy Jeans Xplore," reads the app&aposs description. "Connect smart chip products and go. Compete in challenges to score points and get amazing rewards."

Points earned can be cashed in for gift cards, signed merchandise, Tommy Hilfiger runway shows and concert tickets. There are also product discounts and the option to exchange points for monetary donations to selected charities.

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"You&aposll score points for wearing your item, competing in daily and weekly challenges and more," continued the description.

"Use those points to redeem rewards. Think cool products and gift cards, signed merch, live nation concert cash and experiences like a tour of the Tommy archive or VIP passes to the #Tommynow runway show."

The app also incorporates a game that encourages wearers to collect virtual "hearts" or points in live locations using augmented reality – in a similar way to Pok mon Go.

The app allows users to gain points and win rewards

"We&aposve always been at the forefront of digital innovation, using technology to deliver what our customers are looking for – unique experiences and instant gratification," said Tommy Hilfiger in a statement.

"Tommy Jeans Xplore is the next evolution of our vision, reaching consumers where they are and inviting them to be a part of the brand experience."

It appears that users have to opt in to tracking through the app, but it is unclear how much data is being collected by the brand.

The Bluetooth technology in the items is created by Awear Solutions.

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"Never before has a brand been able to understand how the consumer truly uses the product after it leaves the store," Liron Slonimsky, chief executive of technology at Awear Solutions told fashion website WWD.

"Never before has a brand been able to understand how the consumer truly uses the product after it leaves the store. Tommy Hilfiger&aposs innovative history has shown that they understand what consumer engagement truly is and we knew they would be the perfect partner to launch Awear Solutions to the market."

The Xplore line is available exclusively online and in the company&aposs flagship store in New York.

An increasing number of brands are integrating augmented reality technology into their campaigns. Earlier this year, Toronto designer Adam Pickard turned paper IKEA manuals into an augmented reality app that shows users life-size instructions on how to build their furniture.

Images courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger.

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