Nest Rooftop Pop-Up Tent
时间:2018-07-28 7:25

Spontaneity is refreshing, especially if you just drop everything to catch some waves or decide to go for a hike to catch mother natures’ artistry. With the rooftop car tent, designed by 짊L graduate Sebastian Maluska, you can have a simple tent to crash in or use for some quick shut-eye wherever you’re at.

Inspired by the materials to construct sail boats, this simple pop-up tent is made from two light-weight aluminum frames that are covered with waterproof sailboat fabric. There’s room for two in the tent and a convenient ladder is readily stored under the sleeping surface, which can be pulled out and securely hooked to either side. This is a great alternative to heavy tents that weigh your car down and waste more fuel. In addition, it also doubles as an aerodynamic storage when its closed for extra room to carry some gear.

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