Rexford Rut V3 Titanium Utility Tool
时间:2018-06-22 0:48

The original Rexford RUT utility knife is (and likely always will be) one of the greatest cutting tools ever to be created. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved. Which is why Gallantry turned to master knife maker, Todd Rexford, in the creation of this updated and improved exclusive version, the Rexford RUT V3 titanium utility tool.

Emblazoned with specially-designed mountain range icons on both sides, its all-titanium body is light heat colored for a unique appearance – which is only bolstered by the inclusion of an all-black razor blade. Of course, the tool also includes pry bar, screwdriver, and bottle/can opener functionality, as well as a new split-ring hole bit driver. And, like prior editions, it is made in the USA, has a lifetime warranty from Rexford Knives, and weighs only 0.8 ounces total. You can get one of these nearly-indestructible cutting tools for $165.

Purchase: $165

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