Premature Ejaculation is More Common Than You Think (And We Have a Solution)Premature Ejaculation is More Common Than You Think (And We Have a Solution)
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Premature Ejaculation is More Common Than You Think (And We Have a Solution)

Man of Many

June 14, 2018

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Talking about premature ejaculation, or rather, how to stop premature ejaculation from ruining your sex life, is not standard fireside fodder for most blokes. And despite efforts by the world’s most obnoxious outdoor campaign, people are (unsurprisingly) still loath to discuss the common issue of, ahem, arriving too soon.

While we’re always good for a funny story (or a bad joke), the issue of premature ejaculation and the problems it can cause is seldom discussed amongst men. After all, it’s far more common a problem than most guys think. It can also be quite serious, with many sufferers experiencing a bevy of harsh knock-on effects which sometimes stem from a feeling of sexual inadequacy.

Contrary to popular belief, beating premature ejaculation in the long term is less to do with how long you can last in bed, and more to do with the feelings associated with the common problem. Addressing premature ejaculation is key to the confidence boost, which makes many of the long-term issues disappear.

A common problem for blokes who are a little quick off the mark is the perceived social stigma, and lack of ability to discuss the problem in an open and honest matter, even if it’s with their doctor. Prolong, a revolutionary remedy for the age-old pecker problem, is turning that on its head one fella at a time, with its new male-focused, sex-positive platform: Smiling Dick.

The people at Smiling Dick are on a mission to not just shine a light on the mental health concerns that exist for men living with the condition, but also the mental health benefits of improved sexual health. And given that theirs is the only FDA-approved climax control program that doesn’t use drugs or spray, they’re the perfect lot to take on this task.

The Statistics of Premature Ejaculation

You might be surprised to read this, but 35 percent of Australian men (that’s right—more than one in three) admitted to having, or previously having, concerns surrounding premature ejaculation. A staggering 10 percent of respondents to Smiling Dick’s research admitted that premature ejaculation happens “all the time”. That’s a lot of dicks that need to get their smile back.

The data on Australians’ stigma surrounding premature ejaculation is far more concerning.

33 percent of sufferers claim to have lost confidence in the bedroom due to their performance record. 15 percent say that their anxiety about the condition is so high that they don’t engage in any sexual activity whatsoever.

14 percent say that their premature ejaculation has placed a strain on their relationship and 12 percent suffer from depression—the same percentage who claim to have turned to alcohol in an effort to help them last longer.

So with so many doleful dicks down in the dumps about coming too quickly, how does the problem get solved? The secret lies in a perceived social stigma, which too often attaches itself to the problem.

Breaking Down the Stigma of Premature Ejaculation

Half the population seems to have one thing in common: the desire to keep mum about any sexual health issues, with 46 percent of men and 54 percent of women admitting that they’d rather not discuss such topics. Not even with their doctor.

Smiling Dick’s ultimate goal is to act as a sex-positive platform to remove any and all stigma surrounding sexual health for men.

Haris Chaudhry, Chief Executive Officer of Prolong and InnovaDerma, says: “Sexual health issues have been considered a taboo subject for far too long, igniting shame and embarrassment in sufferers, which can manifest in various negative ways—Impacting mental wellbeing and relationships.

“Through Smiling Dick, we aim to pioneer a more positive discussion, breathe some much-needed light into the topic, and ultimately help people to feel open, supported, and comfortable in what should be a healthy and normal dialogue.”

The Treatment Options for Premature Ejaculation

Treating premature ejaculation comes in many forms. Cheap and readily available local anaesthetics can numb your knob for long enough that you might not climax at all. These creams and sprays come with another concern: you have to wear a condom when using them, so as not to transfer the numbing effects to your partner—a bit of a buzzkill if you’re in a long-term relationship.

Then there’s psychosexual therapy (because what’s more alarming for most blokes than the word “psychosexual”? Oh yeah: “therapy”.) The therapy option has the highest success rates for treating premature ejaculation, but comes with its own set of problems. Firstly, it’s particularly expensive. It also, in many cases, is an unrealistic option for many, as it requires a willing partner to partake, making it nigh on impossible for single fellas.

Effectively treating premature ejaculation comes in one tried and tested form, which has proved (during actual, real-life, peer-reviewed clinical trials) its efficacy (which is 338 percent greater than behavioural therapy, by the way).

Using Prolong to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Prolong is one of the simplest devices one could imagine, but when observed close-up, is rather ingenious. This video does a top job of explaining exactly how it works, but in short: placed in the hand before masturbating, users can train themselves over a period of six weeks. Because this is a climax control system, it offers a safe, unintrusive, non-pharmaceutical approach. And one which is far longer lasting than any cream or numbing spray (lasting longer, in general, is the goal, here, mind you).

Consider it like a gym for your junk. It’s easy enough to work your bis and tris three times a week, to make them (and your general self) better. So why not pay the same respect to your dick? Training your junk is easy with Prolong, and pumping yourself to a better sex life is a hell of a lot more fun than pumping iron.

If you’re at all sceptical about its efficacy (just how much difference could a tiny male vibrator make, right?) then that’s fine: it’s good to be cynical. But Prolong and Smiling Dick have done more research than you’d care to wade through, with very encouraging results. We’ve looked at it all for you, and can happily report that:

– Prolong, when trialed on test subjects who had been prescribed SSRIs (read: antidepressant drugs) to treat their lifelong premature ejaculation (SSRIs that, by the way, didn’t work), improved 73 percent of the sufferers.

– One trial observed a median increase in time to ejaculation from 48 seconds to 8 minutes and 48 seconds, in 61 percent of test cases.

– Benefits begin to show within the first week of use, with a full program continuing for six weeks. Results lasted a full three months after stopping the program.

– The study showed an overall improvement for distress like anxiety, depression, and parameters of sexual satisfaction (i.e. sexual function and sexual relationship—this was found by comparing pre-treatment and end-of-treatment scores for completed BAI, BDI-II and GRISS questionnaires).

– One study showed that the program improved all aspects of sexual satisfaction. From initiating sex to frequency, enjoyment of intercourse, and even communication between the couple.

Why Prolong is the Answer to Your Premature Ejaculation Woes

While we spent the first half of this article discussing a man’s ability to ignore the big issues over fear of embarrassment, it’s hard to deny that something you can order online, under a fake name, to your PO Box, which is also under a fake name, in a different suburb state, is still going to be an appealing selling point for many guys. Even if you’re comfortably open about your struggle, the simplicity with which you can order a Prolong Device far outweighs the other, less effective options.

Add to that the fact it’s a one-off payment for something you can use over and over, as opposed to a disposable cream or spray, and it’s all very good value. Certainly more so when you consider the alternative: very pricey therapy which is almost 70% less effective (and, again, requires not just a partner, but the ever-dreaded psychosexual therapist *shudders*).

And lastly, when you consider the ease of use and completely safe nature of Prolong, any sufferer of premature ejaculation would have to be mad not to give it a try, especially with the success stories that already abound.

Smiling Dick is the answer to every frequently asked question (or, rather, frequently unanswered question—FUQ—as their website so eloquently pitches it). It’s a portal to a better understanding of this incredibly common and highly treatable issue.

It’s also a reminder that while premature ejaculation may seem easy enough to brush off as “not that big of a deal” to many, it’s the insidious mental health effects it can have that are most alarming. With statistics, numbers and scientific analysis, Smiling Dick has lifted the lid on everything men need to know about this problem.

Prolong has, quite cleverly, provided a long-lasting solution to lasting longer.

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