The KarTent wants to make festivals like Coachella eco-friendly
时间:2018-05-30 7:48

A major problem faced by festivals is usually experienced after the festival is over. Cleaning up a lot and restoring it to its past glory can often be an incredible challenge as people leave behind things they don’t want to carry back, from litter to disposable items like cheap tents.

So imagine the amount of garbage a festival like Coachella or Tomorrowland or Burning Man generate with the kind of footfall they experience. To cut that non-biodegradable waste, two Dutch entrepreneurs designed the KarTent, a cardboard tent that was designed for the 3-day festival lifestyle.

The KarTent comes made from cardboard and is spacious as regular tents. The thick cardboard helps to provide structural strength, while being able to provide waterproofing that’s enough for a festival’s temporary timeline. Additionally, they don’t have any coating to ensure they are fully recyclable. “It will also stay dry during your event since the water will never penetrate and the structure won’t collapse.” says co-founder Jan Portheine. The cardboard pieces are easy to assemble and even customize, providing you with a uniquely personal experience at festivals. KarTent partners with these festivals, ensuring tents are delivered in bulk and set up before the festival begins, and disassembled, removed, and recycled after the festival is over. KarTent even plans on expanding its range to cardboard seats and litter-bins, all made from the recycled tents!

Designers: Wout Kommer & Jan Portheine (KarTent)

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