Top 70 Best Shower Window Ideas – Bathroom Natural Light
时间:2018-05-28 15:56

If there’s one thing bathtub enthusiasts can correctly complain about is the lack of light in the alternative shower.

So often a dim, uninviting space in which to quickly cleanse and retreat from, it’s rare to find the shower that promises a superior experience to that of the spacious, well-lit bathtub.

These top 70 best shower window ideas not only brighten and open up your shower space, but invite the elements in on par with the most luxurious of beach spas. Soaked in sunlight or basking in the glow of a full moon, there are few joys in life as simple and easily obtained as those rewarded by the shower window.

Available in a number of sizes and styles to suit your shower, along with a surprisingly stress-free installation process, the shower window is your opening to the finer and oft-overlooked gifts of elite home enhancement. Imagine starting each day with birdsong and a soft breeze, or glimpsing up at the stars while you tend to your nightly ritual such things aren’t limited to 5 Star hotels and glamping, but right over your (shower)head.

All too often we deny ourselves the subtle luxuries many enjoy on a daily basis. Such improvements elevate our lives and daily routines, transforming the ordinary into an experience worth savoring and sharing.

Who would have thought something so simple could provide so much abundance?

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