Work-out in Style!
时间:2018-04-16 20:55

Being able to work-out without leaving the comfort of your home is ideal, but what isn’t so ideal is the unsightly aesthetic of the equipment that can become a permanent feature in the room.

PLAT is the solution to this problem its designers recognized that conventional dumbbells lose their purpose when they are not in use. Integrated into the design is a second function, a desk clock. The dumbbell rests on a small, angular stand which features a digital clock on its face.

When the dumbbell is not in use it becomes a welcomed feature within the room rather than being an eye-sore, it harmonizes with its surroundings while remaining functional. The carefully designed form ensures that it is still ergonomic while allowing for a visually interesting product. You’d be forgiving for thinking it was a sculpture as opposed to a piece of gym equipment!

Designers: Mun-mi Kang & Suyeon Hong

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