Google Debuts AI Search Tool That Scans Numerous Books To Answer Your Question
时间:2018-04-16 17:38

Google has introduced a new way for you to find answers through the platform via its AI-powered search tool ‘Talk to Books’.

Just type your question into the search bar before the AI scans thousands of books to churn out a list of probable responses with relevant paragraphs highlighted in bold text.

The aim of ‘Talk to Books’ is to expand beyond traditional search by offering an alternative method of exploring ideas, as well as discovering titles based on quotes that respond to your question.

AdvertisementAdvertisementGoogle has providedsamples that you can play around with. For instance, “How can I stop thinking and fall asleep” might be apt for the over thinkers and those suffering from insomnia, while “How does eating fiber help you lose weight” appeals to the health conscious. “What are great hikes in the Canadian Rockies” could be perfect for your next outdoor getaway, and “Do you think young people are more stressed than they used to be?” explores today’s social and mental health issues.

Have a go at and check out more samples on ‘Talk to Books’ here.

Image screenshot via Google

Image screenshot via Google

[via Quartz, images via Google]

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