You Can Barely See the Best Feature of Samsungs 2018 TV Line-UpYou Can Barely See the Best Feature of Samsungs 2018 TV Line-Up
时间:2018-04-16 7:55

You Can Barely See the Best Feature of Samsungs 2018 TV Line-Up

By Jacob Osborn in TVs on April 16, 2018

Samsung Electronics Australia has officially launched its newest range of QLED and UHD TVs, which host a slew of eye-catching features. However, the best feature of them all might be the one that you can barely see. We’re speaking of One Clear Connection, a singular, almost invisible cord that transmits both power and data through a separate One Connect Box. Thanks to this innovation, your days of TV-related cord clutter are officially over.

Marking the first time on a Samsung TV where a solitary cable can simultaneously transmit AV high capacity data and power, One Clear Connection is streamlined in aesthetic and functionality alike. Not only is the cord virtually invisible to the naked eye, but it was designed using Teflon, making it resistant to high heat and supremely durable to boot. Simply plug one end into the TV and the other into the One Connect Box, and you now have one cable to rule them all.

Naturally, One Clear Connection (known in other parts of the world as One Invisible Connection) is but one among many reasons to check out the new Samsung lineup. Bolstered by ultra-large screens and the latest in Quantum Dot technology, Samsung’s four new models deliver resoundingly sleek designs and downright epic resolutions. That’s joined by an array of advanced smart features, resulting in TVs that are as intelligent as they are beautiful. Meanwhile, One Clear Connection only ups the ante on brains and beauty alike, ensuring a clean and clutter-free aesthetic. Consider it the icing on one heck of an appetising cake.

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