Top 60 Best Home Dog Wash Station Ideas – Canine Shower Designs
时间:2018-04-10 15:22

Your doggo is no doubt a member of your family, and as any dog owner can attest, one’s house is inarguably their canine companion’s own home as well–and often treated as such.

We love our four-pawed friends rain, shine, or snow, but sometimes the messier aspects of owning a dog can deter from the more appealing aspects of one’s home.

These top 60 best home dog wash station ideas aka dog showers, are the perfect bathing substitute for the household bathroom, and thanks to their convenient location towards the front entrance of the home–typically the mudroom–you can rinse the outdoors of your pooch without crossing the threshold.

Conveniently sized to match that of your dog, a canine wash station offers a convenient range of water features, storage capacities, and overall design options. From no-frills utilitarian units to upscale doggie spa models, your home and its furry occupant will no doubt reap the benefits of a personal dog wash station.

Muddy paws and rain-soaked coats are a small price to pay for the endless joys of having a dog of one’s own, and with a home dog washing station the minimal annoyances are even less of a burden.

No more guarding the premises from a mucky mutt or putting a damper on outdoor time an exquisitely crafted dog station ensures that both house & dog remain clean and in top form.

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