10 impressive entrances, including doors that fold, pivot and rotate
时间:2018-02-04 0:32

Disguised doorways, moving walls and geometric folding panels are among our pick of the best entrances showcased on Dezeen&aposs Pinterest boards.

Casa Marindia, Uruguay, by Maza Arquitectos

Wooden doors made vertical slats open up this house in Uruguay. When closed, the timber panels are hidden as they appear to be part of the external walls.

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Mountain Cottage, Poland, by HOLA Design

Traditional folk motifs are referenced with a decorative carving on the front door of this gabled lakeside cottage in Poland.

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Half-Tree House, USA, by JacobsChang

A floor-to-ceiling pivoting window serves as a doorway in this tiny timber cabin, called Half-Tree House.

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F Coffee, Vietnam, by Wangstudio

This coffee shop in Vietnam features a grid of 24 red brick arches, which all serve as entrances.

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Uniform Wares office, UK, by Feilden Fowles

A small door hidden inside a larger door features in this London office. The dark timber partition pivots open to allow access to the design studio, with a smaller door inside providing easier access.

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Board + Batten, USA, by Birdseye Design

This rural guesthouse in Vermont features a door crafted from dark-painted boards and mirror-polished stainless-steel panels. This style evokes the traditional board-and-batten siding found across New England.

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Evolution Door, Austria, by Klemens Torggler

Austrian artist Klemens Torggler reinvented the door by creating this folding and pivoting system. Named the Evolution Door, the design folds into four triangular sections that collapse in on themselves, instead of a single panel being attached to two hinges. Each segments then turns around and straightens back up into a rectangle.

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Casa Meztitla, Mexico, by EDAA

Huge glass walls pivot from this stone-walled mountain home, which sits at the foot of Tepozteco mountain in Mexico, creating different entranceways.

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Rivershed, UK, by Freshwest

A wide folding glass door, which serves as the entrance to this office building, concertinas from the river-facing facade onto an area of raised decking.

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Indian Trail House, USA, byꃞsign Hound

Design House created a larger entryway to this Texan house by extending the pattern of the door vertically past it frame.

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