TAG Heuer Adds Calibre 17 Chronograph to the Link Line-UpTAG Heuer Adds Calibre 17 Chronograph to the Link Line-Up
时间:2018-02-03 20:32

TAG Heuer Adds Calibre 17 Chronograph to the Link Line-Up

By Jacob Osborn in Watches on February 3, 2018

TAG Heuer’s iconic Link design–notable for its distinguished bracelet–first launched in 1987. In the decades since, the brand has only built upon its 150+ year reputation as a Swiss watchmaker delivering the best in accuracy and resilience. Hence, it was only a matter of time before TAG Heuer introduced a chronograph to the Link collection. Heck, if anything it seems like they should’ve done this ages ago. Nevertheless, the Calibre 17 Chronograph from TAG Heuer is certainly worth wait.

From TAG Heuer’s latest chronogrpah, expect a 41mm case and a stunning open sunray dial of black or blue, highlighted by three chronograph counters. On the bezel is a cushion base and an overlaid ring, marking the fusion of two separate design components. As one might have guessed, Calibre 17 movement keeps everything operational and versatile, offering the utmost tier of flexibility and efficiency.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Link without the beautiful steel bracelet. Here, that bracelet comes integrated into the case for improved ergonomics and comfort. In addition to its timeless aesthetic, the bracelet touts a smooth touch, brushed finish and perfect fit. The end result is a watch going big on both fashion and function, pairing sophistication and sportiness the way TAG Heuer does best.

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