Top 60 Best Rustic Basement Ideas – Vintage Interior Designs
时间:2018-02-03 16:56

Underground and often overlooked, the basement is nonetheless a place of infinite potential.

Guest room, lounge, personal studio, or study room–there truly is no limit to what can be achieved with a little inspiration.

And what better palette to work from than that of the endlessly appealing rustic?

Contrary to the misconception that the rustic aesthetic is overly antiquated and “old-timey,” the namesake design is inspired by a very modern sensibility: that comfort and eye-allure needn’t be mutually exclusive. Emphasizing free-form lines, organic and/or repurposed materials, and nonconforming colors and textiles, the rustic interior evokes a nostalgic penchant for no particular time or place, only that of the rugged–but undisputed–gentleman’s era.

Raw or distressed wood, found objects, and personally significant art and objects of interest can transform an otherwise dismal basement into nothing short of a sanctuary. The country abode is well suited to this type of subterranean family space, welcoming guests and loved ones alike with the familiarity of a favorite armchair or heirloom quilt. That kind of welcoming decadence belongs on all floors and levels of your home, and surely these rustic basement ideas and designs are the perfect ground-up place to start.

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