Top 60 Best Basement Lighting Ideas – Illuminated Interior Designs
时间:2018-02-03 14:56

A basement can be a dreary–if not downright scary–subterranean hole or irresistibly inviting social den, and much of the difference depends on lighting.

All too often we settle for a swinging fluorescent bulb or harsh overhead fixture, condemning the space to dismal utilitarian use and little else.

Fortunately, these basement lighting ideas and designs of today offer a savvy solution to an age-old dilemma.

From studio track lighting to retro industrial fixtures, modern basement lighting illuminates cavernous spaces while casting a modish vibe that opens and updates even the most outdated cellar.

Pendant lighting fixtures lend a sculptural air, while recessed miniature lights keep things understated and cozy. Even a false lighted window installation can give the miraculous illusion of an upper floor abode, an implement our parents certainly never considered while we were growing up.

A basement can be the perfect studio, guest room, or lounge in the making, and the right lighting can transform your ground-level environment into a swanky, welcoming habitat. Lowkey minimalism or upscale-uptown cool, your basement is begging to be shown off in a whole new light.

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