Top 50 Best Built In Desk Ideas – Cool Work Space Designs
时间:2018-02-03 14:38

Not just an implement for the college dorm room, a built in desk is an architecturally stylish and surprisingly practical addition to the modern home.

Beautifully situated and equally convenient, a built-in desk eliminates clutter in small spaces and conversely adds a touch of the updated chic to larger abodes.

The question is, which model is right for you?

Depending on your spatial desires, these built-in desk ideas and designs can feature any number of drawers, shelves, and top space compartments, with additional storage units and concealed cubby holes for all that extra paperwork.

From sleek single-occupant nooks to fully appointed New England secretary-style models, the array of built-in desks featured in today’s leading design guides are destined to keep you working in endless ease and unabashed splendor. What’s more, with every imaginable material available, from marble to repurposed wood, you can be sure your desk will blend seamlessly with your home’s interior, year in and year out.

Every well-outfitted gentleman needs an office space in which to conduct his affairs and keep his life running smoothly. You don’t need to rent out an entire office to enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped desk, nor purchase bulky furniture that is sure to lose its relevance in no time. The right built-in desk will keep you in good stead and even better style, no matter the task at hand.

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